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What we do


To help reduce violence, restore peace, uphold human rights advocacy through peace and human rights education in schools, communities and workplaces to empower young people for effective change.


Help create a world in which all humanity will live together in peace, prosperity through non-violence means.

Peacebuilding and Education

We create a training network of Young People, Parents Support Groups and Community Youth Support Groups on peace building and conflict resolution, ongoing tracing and reunion, facilitation of community reconciliation and peace meetings, community and religious dialogues and consensus building on traditional justice systems, interactive games and sports among children and youth, development and implementation of peace, action plans, and dissemination of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials to provide acceptance and reintegration during our peace education. .

Human Rights Education and Advocacy

We create a training network of members that involves corporate organizations, human rights institutions, institutions of learning and the society to reduce human rights violations using education, communication, campaign and promotion of the rights of the less privileged and the marginalized in our society.


Safety Education and Advocacy

We create training network of members that involved our community, employers and employees to save lives and reduce workplace accidents and injuries through education, communication and promotion of Health, Safety and Environmental policies, legislation, rules and regulations in our working environment.

Global Citizenship Education

We train teachers and students through our networks of schools that comprises both private and public to understand what Global Citizenship Education GCED means and how they can use it in teaching their various subject and peace and human rights in their schools.
Also, the students will learn about Global Citizenship Education and how they will apply it in their various schools and communities as advocates for peace and human rights.