About ISOPS Foundation

International Society for Peace and Safety Foundation

The violence present in every part of the world today call for network of peacemakers to work together to save humanity from disasters. Peace will be possible if we all learn the act and work together. In this regards, International Society for Peace and Safety (ISOPS) was created to work in the fulfillment of possible peace and respect to human rights in the whole world.

International Society for Peace and Safety (ISOPS) is a Non-governmental Organization, with a network of individuals in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. The organization was founded in 2012,but registered in Nigeria in 2015 with CAC No 78612 to assist in restoring peace, safety and human rights in Nigeria and worldwide.

Our Vision

Help create a world in which all humanity will live together in peace, prosperity through non-violence means.

Our Mission

To educate young people through schools, community and workplace in peace, safety and human rights education, training and enlightenment programs with network of individuals and organizations with like minds, so they can become peace builders and human rights advocates to create a better world.

Our Constitutional Aims and Objectives

  1. Promote Peace restoration and Coexistence;
  2. Promote Health, Safety and Environmental Issues;
  3. Promote good Governance, and Conflict management.
  4. Promote Human Rights and assist in Disaster management
  5. Promote Human Capital Development and Illiteracy Eradication

The Benefits Of
Working With Us.

  • To defend and protect our members against any form of victimization and harassment
  • To receive free training on peace, safety and human rights and other related programs
  • To receive scholarship from our partner in our related programs
  • To travel abroad to represent ISOPS in conferences and workshops
  • To act as delegates and represent us in New York-USA, Geneva – Switzerland and Vienna –Austria UN conferences and meetings in line with UN SDGs.
  • To receive award recognition and certificates from our partners abroad

The Organizations We Work With

  • United State Institute of Peace (for peace building)
  • Peacejam Foundation (for Peace Education)
  • International Cities of Peace (for peace building)
  • Youth for Human Rights International (for human rights education)
  • United for Human Rights (for human education)
  • OSHAssociation UK (for safety education)
  • National Human Rights Commission, Nigeria (for human rights education)
  • National Youth Leadership Council,USA(for youth programs)
  • End Violence Against Violence ,USA (for education)
  • Global Network of Civil Society Organization for Disaster Reduction
  • World Association of Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Keep Children Safe,UK (for education and policy for children)

Our thematic areas in line with the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);