International Society for Peace and Safety ISOPS

What the International Society for Peace and Safety will be doing on Human Rights Day December 10th, 2022. We will be celebrating Human Rights Day by visiting Badagry historical places to march for human rights. Our march will start at Badagry Town Hall and end at Badagry Heritage Museum with 50 participants. During this march, we will visit Badagry Slave Relics, Mobee Slave Relics, First Storey Building, Point of No Return and the Badagry heritage museum. These places are significant because they are all associated with the violation of human rights particularly human rights article 4. We want to march for complete freedom and the introduction of human rights, peace, and safety education in schools in Nigeria.
We are inviting human rights supporters from all over the world to join us in marking world Human Rights Day in Badagry Lagos Nigeria.
Why Badagry, it is in Badagry because is a historic place where the slave trade took place from 1840 and there are a lot of footprints left behind to see what happened to the people of Badagry Lagos Nigeria and Africa in general as regard to the slave’s trade. The activities will be both offline and online. Please register with this link to participate.

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