Peace, Safety and Human Rights

The violence present in every part of the world today call for network of peacemakers to work together to save humanity from disasters. Peace will be possible if we all learn the act and work together. In this regards, International Society for Peace and Safety (ISOPS) was created to work in the fulfillment of possible peace and respect to human rights in the whole world.

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About ISOPS Foundation

International Society for Peace and Safety (ISOPS) is a Non-governmental Organization, with a network of individuals in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. The organization was founded in 2012,but registered in Nigeria in 2015 with CAC No 78612 to assist in restoring peace, safety and human rights in Nigeria and worldwide.

Our Vision

Help create a world in which all humanity will live together in peace, prosperity through non-violence means.

Our Mission

To educate young people through schools, community and workplace in peace, safety and human rights education, training and enlightenment programs with network of individuals and organizations with like minds, so they can become peace builders and human rights advocates to create a better world.

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