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International Society for Peace and Safety

Abdul Malik -The Human Rights Reciter


our list of schools

•1 Miracle Academy – Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
•2 Trinity Star Academy – Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
•3 Divine Mary College – Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
•4 Bamdel Advanced College – Lagos State, Nigeria
•5 Javy Model College- Lagos State, Nigeria
•6 Opeyemi Groups of Schools – Lagos State, Nigeria
•7 Kasna College – Lagos State, Nigeria
•8 Lead Star Group of Schools- Lagos State, Nigeria
•9 Ascension College - Lagos State, Nigeria
•10 Ajara Grammar School - Lagos State, Nigeria
•11 Cornel Holy Child – Badagry Lagos State, Nigeria
•12 Supreme Pillars College Okoafor Lagos State, Nigeria
•13 Odofa Private College Lagos State, Nigeria
•14 Ascon Staff Secondary School Badagry Lagos State, Nigeria
•15 Josand College Badagry, Lagos State
•16 Premier High School,Jos
•17 College of Islamic Education,Jos
•18 St Michael Secondary School, Badagry Lagos
•20 Odofa Private Secondary School,Agbara Ogun State
•21 King George College,Badagry Lagos
•22 Frontline College Badagry Lagos